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How to design an eBay Store

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It’s no secret that the way you display your merchandise influences your buyers, for better or for worse. This isn’t only true “in the real world”, but also within the e-commerce world.

In an e-commerce platform such as eBay it’s even more important for you, as a eBay store owner, to stand out. Not only do you need to differentiate yourself from your competitors, but also you want to make sure that you leave a positive lasting impression on buyers visiting your store.

To do so you will have to create a unique design to your eBay store. Just as you would design and brand your store outside of eBay, even more so you you should within eBay.

So how do you design an eBay store?

eBay doesn’t offer store owners many options with it’s basic store design layout. Besides adding a logo, store description and changing the two main colors in the store – there isn’t much that eBay store owners can do with eBay’s basic design theme of their eBay store. This limits sellers from grasping their store’s full potential, due to a lack of functionality and branding in the basic design.

Due to these limitations an eBay store owner has to look for a web design company that offers a custom eBay design.

The benefits of a custom eBay design are very clear. First of all, it allows you to create a branded design for your store that emphasizes your store’s unique traits. Secondly, you can also add functionality to your store such as creating a gallery that displays larger images of your items, or adding a top menu with content pages. Above all, with an advanced design you can add promotional & call to action features to your store that will entice buyers to buy in your store.

The problem is that a custom eBay design is both expensive and time consuming.

This leaves store owners with the following dilemma: “Do I make do with eBay’s basic design, or do I pay for a customly designed eBay store?”

But thanks to Store Designer, eBay store owners won’t have to confront this dilemma any more. Now an eBay store owner can easily choose a customizable design theme for his or her store, set it up in 1-click and pay for the design only 7.99$ a month(!).

Store Designer offers eBay store owners with high-quality designed themes that include customization features. This way a eBay store owner can choose the theme that best fits his or her needs and customize the design according to their store’s unique traits.

Thanks to Store Designer a designed eBay store isn’t only an option for big brands with big budgets. Now also new & small eBay stores can enjoy the full benefits of a branded store for a minimal cost.

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