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How to Optimize your eBay Store and Increase eBay sales

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Also if you haven’t set your goals to become an eBay Powerseller, it is still important that you optimize your eBay store so that you can maximize your store’s profits.

Both new and old-time sellers face this problem of running an eBay store that does not fulfill its potential. While eBay newbies don’t have the tools and know-how to optimize their store, old-time sellers tend to stick to a certain routine that limits their store’s capabilities.

So how do you optimize your eBay store and increase eBay sales?

Let’s first look at some important terms that are used in the context of eBay sales to measure success. The first term is “sell through” which describes the ratio between visitors to your store and completed purchases. As an eBay seller you strive to increase your sell through, i.e. getting more of the visitors in your store to actually complete a purchase.

Another term we cannot ignore is rank. Rank measures a listing’s relevance to a certain search, the higher the rank the more chances a listing will appear in a higher place in eBay search results (for keyword relating to the listing).

The higher the rank of a store’s listings, the more traffic a store will get. But, a high traffic rate alone isn’t good enough for an eBay store. You need to make sure that you get the most out of the traffic to your store.

After looking at the key factors that define success in the eBay marketplace sphere, we are left with looking at the means to reaching this success. Two factors will help you reach success, optimizing your store’s content and design.

Optimizing your store’s content basically means using related search terms, or keywords, within your listings. By using in your listings keywords that eBay visitors actually use, you can better your eBay rank and achieve a higher ranking in eBay search results relating to your items.

Another way to optimize your store is by redesigning your store and upgrading to an advanced eBay store design. However, not every store owner can afford to invest in a custom eBay store design. That’s why for most sellers eBay store templates are the perfect solution. For example, we at Store Designer offer high quality & modernly designed eBay store design templates. Our eBay store templates can be fitted to each eBay seller’s needs and can be easily customized.

Now that you’ve enhanced your store’s look and optimized your listings content, how do you measure your store’s success?

With eBay’s free Listing Analytics app you can easily measure your store’s success and check among other things your listings rank and sell through rate. Although this app is a simple tool that offers limited features, its perfect for beginners that haven’t used in the past any analytic tools.

Stay tuned for our next blog post in which we will look at more Marketing Strategies for eBay Sellers!

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