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Marketing Tools for eBay Sellers

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Getting buyers to your listings in eBay doesn’t necessarily happen instantaneously, in most cases you will need to use a few marketing tools to get traffic to your listings.

In the previous blog post we mentioned a few marketing techniques for eBay sellers, let’s discuss them briefly.

The first marketing technique we mentioned was optimizing titles and descriptions of listings so that they will appear in your desired search results. This basically means using in the titles and descriptions of your listings the search terms that buyers use. This way you can target these searches and make sure your listings appear in these search results. This doesn’t only gain you exposure within eBay, but also will help you bring traffic from search engines such as Yahoo and Google.

The second marketing technique we talked about, that was specifically targeted at store owners, was upgrading your eBay store design. Something that has been proven to increase conversions and sales.

Now in this blog post I want to introduce a few marketing tools that can help you rank better, get a better feedback score and convert more visitors into buyers.

Feedback Reminder – Get More Feedback From Your Buyers

A common problem among sellers is lack of high positive feedback. This doesn’t only affect sales, but also affects the amount of traffic you will get to your listings/store. Your feedback score influences your rank directly, this means that sellers with lesser feedback will appear in a lower position in eBay search results. It’s not enough to use important keywords in your listings, to rank better in eBay’s search results you need to work on your feedback score.

A great tool that will help you get more feedback from your buyers is Feedback Reminder. It allows sellers to send an automated message to buyers in a prespecified time, setting the reminder for international and US shipped items. This tool is available for sellers in eBay’s app center.

example-webstoreWebstore – Create Another Source of Traffic

When you advertise your items solely in eBay it can be very hard for you to get buyers to your listings. That’s why it’s important that you don’t only count on eBay for bringing traffic to your listings. A useful tool for increasing traffic driven to your listings is Webstore. Webstore creates for your eBay listings a storefront outside of eBay, this way you have another source of traffic from to your listings. This tool is also available for sellers in eBay’s app center.

Social Store – Sell Outside of eBayexample-social-store

Social Store is also a great way to gain another source of traffic to your listings. Social Store is an app that displays all of your eBay items in your store’s Facebook page, this way you can actually bring traffic to your eBay listings from your Facebook page. It’s great for those stores that put a lot of effort into their Facebook business page. Also, combined with a Facebook ad campaign this can be a great way to target & gain new regular customers.

Have any marketing tips for other eBay sellers? leave your suggestions here in the comments area!

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