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Webstore: Your Off-eBay Storefront

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If you are an eBay store owner you’re probably familiar with the benefits of a designed eBay storefront. An elegant design for your eBay store doesn’t only add to your store’s aesthetic value, but also brands your store and adds functionality to it.

This translates directly to an increase in conversions, since statistics have shown that sellers that have added a design to their eBay storefront could systematically see a higher sell-through rate. This means that more visitors will actually browse through the store and finalize a purchase rather than just leave the store without completing a purchase.

The reason for this is pretty clear, a designed eBay storefront makes browsing through your store more enjoyable and promotes your store’s integrity.

But turning a visitor to an actual buyer is one thing, it’s a whole different issue to get a visitor to your eBay listing to begin with.
This is where an off-ebay storefront such as Webstore can help you.

Webstore displays your eBay items in a an elegantly designed storefront outside of eBay. Since Webstore is optimized for search engines, it gives your listings a boost in search results and helps you increase the number of visitors that arrive at your eBay listings.

Why use an off-eBay storefront when you can get traffic from eBay?

Most eBay sellers rely on eBay’s search results for traffic. But depending only on traffic from eBay searches can be a mistake for sellers that aren’t ranked high in eBay’s search results.

A listing’s rank in a search depends on a few factors including:

  • if the listing’s pricing is competitive.
  • if the seller is a top-rated seller.
  • the relevancy of the listing’s title & description to the search.
  • if the listing offers free shipping.
  • if the listing includes variations.

You could indeed use these factors in your favor, such as optimizing your eBay listings titles and descriptions, or offering free shipping. But when you have many competing sellers it becomes much harder to gain a higher rank in eBay searches.

So instead of fighting tooth and claw to gain traffic from eBay, you can instead increase your traffic from search engines such as Google and Bing. Since Webstore is optimized for search engines it can help you in doing that.

Keep in mind that to appear in relevant searches in Google and Bing you will still need to optimize your eBay listings. Also, be patient since it might take a while until your off-eBay storefront is indexed in search results.

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